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We Help You Fund Your Biggest Ideas

We have more than 30 years of experience of managing successful capital and major gift campaigns for new programs, buildings, preserves, research, endowments, and much more.


We Help You Manage Through Times of Change

Organizations that are well-managed attract more funding. Sometimes executive leadership changes unexpectedly.  We step in to get you through that transition and help you strengthen your organization to give board, staff and donors confidence in your future.


We Help You Scale Impact With Social Enterprise and Corporate Partnerships

Visionary, sustainable disruption to solve social and environmental challenges is at the heart of social entrepreneurship.  Scaling your impact calls often for going beyond the limits of a donor-based business model.  Similarly, partnering with corporate CSR programs involves defining a relationship of mutual benefit.  We provide research, brainstorming, design thinking, and business planning services to support your efforts.

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Our History

Ansbach & Associates was formed in 1985 in response to a need for greater choice in experienced, professional capital campaign management services in California and surrounding states.  It began as an affiliation with Ketchum Inc., the country's largest and most trusted capital campaign management company.  The new firm grew quickly to demonstrate a stellar record in campaign successes serving clients regionally, nationally and internationally.  In response again to market needs, the company added interim management services to help organizations facing significant challenges and opportunities rebound or grow to set the stage for increased fundraising.  Most recently, the firm grew once more using the background and skills of its founder to help match social entrepreneurs with the sustainability objectives of major companies and their community stakeholders.

Our Team


Charley Ansbach, CFRE, President

Mr. Ansbach is the chief project manager for the company.  His hallmark is developing clear goals with clients and then ensuring we deliver on each specific and implied outcome. He began his career among the nationally recognized early adopters of modern social entrepreneurship. He then served nationally as a campaign director for Ketchum, Inc.. He and the leadership of Ketchum agreed to create the new boutique firm of Ansbach & Associates and subsequently partnered on a wide range of projects regionally, nationally and internationally. After Ketchum was acquired Ansbach & Associates continued as an independent firm until 2007 when it was purchased by Skystone Ryan. Following the global recession Mr. Ansbach reacquired the firm, restarted the capital campaign service and added interim management at the urging of client organizations. He began teaching social entrepreneurship at the University of Pacific and now teaches that subject and corporate responsibility as a Lecturer at the Graduate School of Management at the University of California, Davis. Ansbach & Associates is now also matching social entrepreneurs and established companies to help solve market failures, and negative externalities, as well as helping companies realize their internal sustainability goals. 


Christa Kaufmann, Vice President

Ms. Kaufmann is the chief client relations and communications manager for the company.  Anyone who sits next to her on a flight will, by the time it lands, likely want to donate to whatever she talks to them about.  Ms. Kaufmann is a consummate communicator of the passion and importance of well-executed nonprofit causes. She is a former teacher and founder of a Waldorf school.  She actively links communities of major donors and related causes and helps organizations envision and communicate fundable objectives. Ms. Kaufmann is multi-lingual and is comfortable working with clients anywhere, from the world's largest cities to the outback in some of its most remote areas. .


Global Network of Project Associates

Ansbach & Associates uses a carefully selected group of associates in all the fields related to funding and management to meet client needs on customized basis. Associate services include campaign promotion, online fundraising, communications, direct mail, forensic accounting, and more.  We build each project team to meet the specific needs of each client and mange that team around clear and achievable goals and objectives combined with clear metrics and reporting.




United Indian Health Services

The M.I.N.D Institute, University of California Davis School of Medicine

Child Neurology Society

Sutter Health Foundation

Providence Hospitals

Mercy Foundation

Ronald McDonald House



The Gorilla Foundation

Kafue Park, Zambia


Ag in the Classroom


California Office of Emergency Services

California Farm Water Coalition

California State Parks



University of California, Davis

California State University, Sacramento

Community College Foundation, California

Waldorf Schools

Catholic Schools Department

Natomas Charter School



Sacramento Symphony

Sacramento Ballet

Sacramento Symphony

Russian National Orchestra

Social Justice


Freedom from Hunger

Arapaho Tribal Nation

Pawnee Tribal Nation


Justice Fellowship Foundation

Child Abuse Prevention Council

Social Profit Network

Women's Wisdom Project

Salvation Army

...And More


Auschwitz Foundation

Leland Stanford Mansion Foundation

Sunnyvale Patent Library

California State Railroad Museum

McClellan Aviation Museum


What size campaigns do you do?

We specialize in campaigns for $1 million to $50 million and above

Who does the day-to-day work of a campaign?

When we manage the whole campaign  the Board approves the project and goal, helps with leadership recruitment, promotes the project among peers, and solicits select donations.  The Executive Director approves the project to be funded and accompanies volunteers on select solicitations.  The Development Director provides case and donor information, assists select volunteers and integrates campaign records into the organization database. Volunteer campaigners do the majority of the solicitations 

When you do interim management, to whom do you report?

We report to whomever the Board designates, which is usually the Board Chair

How much does campaign management cost?

Campaigns generally cost between 3 cents and 10 cents per dollar goal

Do you work on percentage of the goal raised?

No, it is a flat fee per month to manage the process. That is very important when it comes to motivating volunteers and maintaining consistent management quality when campaigns inevitably hit challenges

Do social entrepreneurs work in the for-profit or nonprofit sectors?

Both. They basically focus on sustainable disruption using business methods to help solve entrenched social and environmental challenges in either sector

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